There is No Such Thing as TMI when it comes to Your Health – Speakendo


It is estimated that endometriosis affects one in ten women of reproductive age. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that normally grows in the uterine lining winds up outside the uterus and these misplace pieces of tissue which we refer to as implants or lesions.

Hormonal changes during the course of a woman’s cycle result in typically debilitating pain during one’s periods, but also sometimes pain in between periods. Many women are undiagnosed because they’re unaware of the condition or they may be too shy to discuss their symptoms with their doctor.

Women should tell everything, don’t get embarrassed. There is no such thing as as TMI when it comes to your health because these symptoms really do help the doctor understand what you could have.

A new awareness campaign called Speakendo provides information on symptoms and a virtual community where women can share information and feel less alone. The website also has a checklist of questions to help women discover if they might have endometriosis. Visit