Tips for a Romantic Getaway for this Valentines Day


Looking to share some unique, yet romantic weekend getaway ideas for Valentine’s Day with your audience? Here are a few ways to ensure a truly memorable experience that doesn’t have to break the bank, are cautious of Covid protocols and can bring some romance to your getaway.

A Romantic Suitcase Surprise

Everyone likes a surprise, so if you already have the weekend getaway plans set and your significant other is in the know, try a suitcase surprise! Depending on where you are going, slip a little something into their suitcase without them knowing. Whether it’s a book by his or her favorite author, a new swimsuit for beach activities, or even a new personal vow, the surprise gift is an added bonus and sure way to kick off the excitement to a romantic weekend. Don’t forget, romantic surprise or not, the TSA has security rules and they still apply.

Make it a “Tiny” Romance

Tiny Houses are still one of the hottest glamping experiences around, why not stay in one? They are unique, affordable, romantic, and fun! They also happen to be located in some great, easy to get to locations that can make for a perfect romantic escape. Petite Retreats has multiple tiny house villages across the nation from the Pacific Northwest to the Florida Keys. Sunshine Key Tiny House Village in the Florida Keys sits on its own island just across the seven-mile bridge. Mt. Hood Tiny House Village east of Portland, OR is a perfect skiing getaway. Leavenworth Tiny House Village will make you feel like you went international in the Bavarian-themed alpine hideaway just east of Seattle. The Verde Valley tiny houses near Sedona, AZ make the perfect romantic trip to escape the winter cold. (Petite Retreats Media Files).

Hit the road

No need to book airfare, hotel and rental car when romantic adventure seekers can rent an RV through Outdoorsy. The innovative RV sharing platform connects travelers with RV owners, working like the “Airbnb” of RVs. With more than 200,000 unique vehicles available to rent in 4,800+ cities across 14 countries, no romantic, experiential getaway is out of reach. Outdoorsy makes planning your trip easy with an enhanced campground reservation section which allows customers who are looking to rent an RV the opportunity to browse RV inventory and book sites at Encore RV resorts and Thousand Trails campgrounds. Find the perfect RV for your romantic getaway and map out options to top outdoor destinations across the country, from lakeside camping at Lake Conroe RV Resort just north of Houston, to a poolside retreat at Tropical Palms in the heart of Kissimmee, FL.

Romance is Avoiding Crowds in a Different Part of Town

If you are planning the romantic getaway to the city but want to make it your own, avoid the crowds. For example, New York provides the backdrop of some of the most romantic movies of all time. Rarely will a Romcom or commercial show their characters paying $40+ to wait hours in line before taking a crowded elevator to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. However, today it’s all about avoiding the crowds and the bustle of a crowded city. So exploring the tree-lined promenade along the East River in the classy neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, with stunning views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, doesn’t cost much and can still give you the big city vibe. Locals can provide hidden gems or at least point you in the right direction of places to safely drink or eat along Brooklyn’s renowned Henry Street. There are streets and neighborhoods like this all across America, just a stone’s throw from places that feel like Times Square. Visit them this February. 

Try Something New

Everyone has their favorite go to places. They’re easy, convenient, and comfortable.  But the first time doing something or going someplace new can be exhilarating, stirring up emotions or adrenaline that hasn’t been experienced before. Especially in 2021 as we all navigate the new normal, heading to someplace that is unique to both of you is not only exciting, it’s romantic! According to American Psychological Association, self-expanding activities promote desire and satisfaction in established romantic relationships. Visiting a new location can be thrilling, and not knowing where to go, what to do, or where to eat, adds to the excitement. Anxiety can set in when broadening your horizons, but these challenges can also bring you closer together as new insights can develop a sense of romantic unity with your partner. 

Get Outside, Go Glamping

Glamping at a campground is the perfect romantic getaway to have a vacation with some hotel-like amenities, while not paying typical hotel rates and still being outdoors getting that fresh air. Perfectly located near Monterey Bay, Marina Dunes RV Resort in Marina, CA is not only situated oceanside, but has beachfront access and is within driving distance to downtown Monterey. There is plenty to do for any type of escape. The safari tents offer a secluded romantic escape, surrounded by famous wineries, Big Sur and Santa Cruz,  as vacationers can explore the area filled with different sites like Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, and Carmel by the Sea, or enjoy the onsite amenities as they stay in a glamping style safari tent. Guests enjoy direct access to Fort Ord Dunes State Park, the nearby hiking trail or taking a peaceful stroll through Marina State Beach.

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