Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Hot Summer Sun


summers-The unofficial start of summer–Memorial Day–is almost here!

That means beach days, barbecues and lots of time in-and-out-of the pool. All of which can do a number on your skin.

Skin does have a natural barrier to retain moisture, but it needs to be properly maintained. Health and beauty expert Polly Blitzer recommends using a cleanser and toner, and says the products from Kiehl’s Since 1851 rise above the rest. kiehls

“It’s just one of those brands that promotes healthy skin and are proven,” Blitzer said.

Kiehl’s also has a new tool at its department store counters to analyze whether your skin is properly hydrated and moisturized.

To learn more about it and get more tips on how to keep your skin hydrated during the hot, dry summer months, be sure to watch our story below!