Travel to Paso Robles, Save Money on Holiday Shopping and More – This Week on California Life!


This week on California Life, see what Downtown Paso Robles has to offer for the continuation of our Spotlight Series.

And it’s the start of November, which means that the holiday shopping season has arrived! And the best part? It’s still early enough to score some great deals on this season’s hottest tech gifts.

Then, humans may get their yearly flu shots this time of year, but did you ever wonder if your dog needs one, too? It turns out that even pooches can get the flu, just like you.

And making tasty meals at home can be challenging. We all have our go-to recipes and our go-to ingredients, but that can get boring pretty quickly. But the good news? Spicing up your family dinner doesn’t have to be hard – we show you why on this week’s episode.

Then, a project to plant 500 acres of trees this year is getting its start in an unexpected location – New York City’s Times Square. It’s called the Forest of Dreams and that name suits the area well!

And it’s making a splash in San Diego! We get a lesson in the new extreme water sport, flyboarding.

It’s all airing nationwide on this week’s episode of California Life! Be sure to watch the full segment below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.