Turn Your Outdoor Area Into a Mini Vacation Getaway with Fernish


It’s been over a month, countless vacations have been cancelled, and the only places we’ve been able to “visit” have been the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom (minus those stops to the grocery store).

But we have to remember – we can always turn lemons into lemonade – and that includes turning backyards and patios into a replica vacation getaway.

Fernish, similar to Rent the Runway but for furniture and home accessories, lets you rent outdoor sofas, chairs, chaises and tables from brands like CB2, Crate&Barrel, Floyd, and Fernish’s in-house brand.

Fernish’s co-founder and CEO, Mchael Barlow, is available to discuss:

  • How to turn your outdoor area into a mini vacation getaway,
  • How Fernish works and the various aspects of the service,
  • Fernish’s updated cleaning and delivery processes
  • The importance of fresh air and a relaxing environment during these times, and much more.

Fernish, founded in 2017, is a direct-to-consumer furniture service that’s reinventing how people create and relate to their home through its “Home. Made.” concept, allowing for a juxtaposition between simply living in a space and turning that space into one that people genuinely love. Through its refined selection of premium furniture brands, ranging from in-house branded furniture to CB2 and Crate & Barrel, Fernish lets customers choose single and full-room furnishings they want and for however long they want them. Fernish offers a monthly price with rent-to-own options. 

While millennials are moving more often and renting homes more than any other generation, Fernish is eliminating the stress, time-consumption and expensive pricing it takes to move and furnish a home. The company, which has saved consumers $10 million in furniture purchasing in 2019 alone, is currently available in Los Angeles and Seattle with plans to enter additional markets in 2020.