Turn your shower into a spa experience perfect for every member of the family


Showering is the most relaxing part of the day. With no cell phones ringing or kids asking a million questions, it’s a zen moment that is sometimes the closest thing to a spa experience.

More than 2/3 of Americans take at least one shower a day. But, many people may be doing it all wrong.

Lifestyle expert Dave Sinclair says a couple of basic mistakes people often make is they stay in the shower too long and use water that is too warm. Five to 10 minutes is the suggested amount of time, anything beyond that and you start to strip your skin of its natural oils.

Also, a shower isn’t only for cleansing, it is also a chance to unwind.

Sinclair says the way to make your shower a retreat is to create an in-home spa experience. There are products that are economical that can turn your shower into your getaway.

The sidewinder drencher is a shower-head that you can adjust to any direction with the adjustable magnetic slide strip. It also adjusts to any height quickly and is easy to maneuver.

Even the pets deserve to be rejuvenated with a special shower experience. The American Pet Products Association says that half of pet owners groom their dogs at home. You can save on grooming costs by investing in grooming products to use at home.

The pet wand pro has a high pressure water comb and is easily adjusted with a dial. The wand is easy to use and is versatile enough to use on big and small dogs.

To heighten the shower experience for every member of the family visit Waterpiks website or watch the clip below.