We show you why Tech Billionaires love California & travel to Vegas for the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show to see the hottest tech gadgets and a car that’s out of this world -all this and more airing on California Life!


This week we bring you a special Best of Technology episode of California Life ~ See why California is home to more than one third of the World’s Richest Tech Billionaires, and see who tops the list at number one!

Then take a look at some cool gadgets at the 50TH annual Consumer Electronic Show in Viva Las Vegas where they unveiled the latest electric car to rival Tesla Plus. You won’t believe the speed this new car tops out at, and what NASA-inspired feature is inside!

It’s hard to believe we are half way done with award season already. The love story musical La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma stone has been dominating from the very beginning, but will they take home an Oscar? See what we predict for future award shows as the prestigious Academy Awards are right around the corner.

Plus, actor Val Kilmer is reportedly suffering from head and neck cancer, but there’s new hope for this devastating diagnosis.

As award show season closes, tax season is approaching. We have tips on how to make filing your taxes easier with H & R Block.

All this and more airing nationwide on California Life with Heather Dawson. Or watch online at www.CaliforniaLIfeHD.com!