We’re Bringing The Show To The Snow On This Week’s Episode Of California Life Shot In Telluride, Colorado!


This week we’re bringing the show to the snow from the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado!

The gold rush brought an entire city to the Colorado town of Telluride. Now, 100 years later, skiers are discovering a different kind of gold. The unrivaled beauty of the peaks and valleys blend with culture giving this big time ski hill a small-town feel.

Then, we take you to the Palm Springs International Film Festival where A-list stars walk the red carpet! The area surrounding Palm Springs has so much to offer. That’s why we take you to the beautiful Las Palmas Resort and Spa in the heart of Coachella Valley which has easy access to all of the best restaurants, which is important for you to know for Restaurant Week.

Plus, basketball powerhouse Mater Dei has a new star player in Elijah Brown. Does the last name sound familiar? Elijah, son of Laker’s head coach Mike Brown, has adjusted well to his new team. Jonathan Khamis of the Orange County Register has more on the Brown’s journey to Los Angeles.

And we give you an inside look on a new survey discussing how DIY Taxpayers are willing to take on stress to save money – All this and more from the beautiful town of Telluride! Be sure to watch the full segment below airing across the globe this week on California Life!