YouTuber, Film Maker, and Novelist JT Madicus Speaks Medical Thriller “Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances”


The state of medicine has never been so top of mind as it is now as we battle through the pandemic.

JT Madicus, AKA Future Doc House, is a well known novelist, debut film maker, and YouTube Medical personality. He now has a new Medical-Drama-Thriller novel: “Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances“.

With a background in business and medicine, it has given him the opportunity to travel the world. During those travels, he studied more medicine and was inspired to write his first novel: “Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances”. The fast paced book focuses on fictional doctors while using real-life medical cases to help further the story.

With the success of the book, Madicus is set to produce a short promotional video, but it quickly turned into a live-action film with some really cool animated segments.

When not writing books or producing movies, Madicus hosts a pair of medical focused YouTube programs, including “Medical BuzzFeed“, where he explains complex medical issues in easy to understand terms.

JT Madicus’ book “Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances” is available on Amazon. You can learn more about his upcoming film at