A Program Against Bullying Repeated Across the Nation


Studies show that suicide is now the third leading cause of death for American teenagers and experts think bullying has a lot to do with it. A group of high school students called Ambassadors for Tolerance, Empathy and Compassion produced this video that highlights the pain caused by bullying.

65 kids from for Palm Springs area high-schools came together for a symposium on bullying. Luis Martinez has suffered years of abuse because he’s gay:

It touched me because I know I’m not the only one suffering this.

Ambassadors at assemblies speak with junior high and high school students helping everybody else by telling their stories, letting them know that kids can come talk to them. It really helps the younger kids realize that they’re not alone.

Kids say bullying affects everyone and Tolerance Empathy and Compassion are the answer. Bullying is not normal and it shouldn’t happen, so the feeling in the room is we are these kids’ hope, this type of program will be repeated across the state and across the nation.