Acclaimed Irish Actor Tim Murphy celebrates and shares his favorite Irish Whiskey in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.


Irishman Tim Murphy has joined with McConnell’s Irish Whisky® to recount one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of Irish Whiskey, returning after 90 years to reclaim its rightful place among the most distinguished spirits in the world.  

Nothing pairs with a good Irish yarn quite like an Irish Whiskey and in celebration of its unlikely resurgence, McConnell’s is inviting storytellers and Irish Whiskey lovers alike to share their own personal Comeback stories, celebrating its “never give up” ethos at #ShareYourComeback.  

Viewers are directed to McConnell’s website where they can upload their spoken word performances for a chance to have a private tasting hosted by Tim.  

To learn more about the #ShareYourComeback contest  visit  

About McConnell’s:  It all started in 1776 when the McConnell family of Belfast began selling their whisky to the public. McConnell’s is one of the oldest Irish Whisky brands on record and one of the most celebrated until America’s prohibition shut down 90% of Irish whiskies. Now, after 90 long years, this legendary whisky has been restored to barrooms and saloons from Belfast to  Boston. Aged 5 years, McConnell’s fine blend of Irish malt and grain whiskies is gently rested in select bourbon casks, bringing beautiful overtones of vanilla sweetness – with the quality of the finest Irish spirit in the background.