Amazon Small Business Holiday


Online sales are supposed to top the 200 billion mark this holiday season! So what does that mean for small business owners? Find out how you can get a piece of the pie during this crazy shopping time.

To successfully run your small business, you must find out where your target audience spends their time and energy, this is crucial to promoting your brand online. Most of the time, this happens on social media. You must be willing to invest in advertisements to help spread the news about your brand. Furthermore, you should also have a holiday deal or bundle to grab the audience’s attention.

50% of net jobs in America come from small businesses, that is why it is important to remember to shop small during busy shopping times like this. To help, Amazon has created the small business gift guide this holiday season to help consumers find what they are looking for while also helping small businesses. You can also specifically search for women-owned business, Black-owned businesses, family-owned businesses, or military family-owned businesses to help in a more personalized way. Furthermore, you can find out what celebrities recommend, even Oprah!

Hop on over to Amazon today to find exactly what you’re looking for. Look at the small business gift guide here.