Zebra Oasis, the shoes that keep on giving


Zebra Oasis‘ shoes are 100% made from recycling. The most challenging aspect of recycling in the shoe industry is separating the sole from the rest of the components. By tugging the ring they built within the shoe, their EcoBoost design allows their consumers to participate in bicycle activities. It has far-reaching consequences that no one can predict.

In their first-generation shoes, they employ hemp because it is breathable, lightweight, and antibacterial. In the future, they will exclusively use natural materials such as wool and bamboo.

The benefits of the shoes include wearing the most comfortable shoes all day everyday. Their features are that they are lightweight, easy to carry and store, great breathability, and easy to recycle. 

The company just wants to reduce the carbon footprint and make comfortable shoes for everyday wear that will keep people wanting more. 

They feel that Mother Nature gives them more than enough materials. It just requires more curiosity, courage, love, and invention to move forward. Beginning with an evolutionary approach to footwear manufacturing, their team is on a mission to safeguard their world by producing higher-quality, environmentally responsible items for humans’ basic needs. As Paul McCartney stated, there must be a better method to manufacture the things they want, one that does not harm the sky, the rain, or the land.

You can find your new shoes on their website here at Zebra Oasis.