An App Developer Shows Us Where it all Began, Vanessa and Nick Lachey have an Important Message for Moms and We Talk Healthcare


Airing this week on California Life HD with Heather Dawson– We “Go Green and Clean” in your kitchen in no time at all! The holidays are just around the corner and a new survey reveals some surprising secrets surrounding the season that could Save You Money.

And, We are hitting all the right note with Dr. Drew’s son, Douglas. Then, Meet a Harvard grad and the world’s youngest App Developer who honed his skills at A Bay Area newspaper run by students at the ultimate summer internship.

Plus, Vanessa Lachey has an important message for Moms everywhere that really hit home for her and her husband Nick Lachey. Now she’s also helping other moms protect their children from RSV. And, the Quality of Healthcare can vary widely- even among hospitals in the same town so when you want to be sure you are getting the best care possible, a free online service can be your best ally.

America is in the midst of an Opioid Crisis and 12% of patients who had surgery in the  past year became addicted on opioids. Despite the availability of non-opioid pain management options, new research shows that opioids continue to be over-prescribed following some common surgeries.

Most of us have a personal connection to cancer in some way. Dr. Robert Chen, hematologist and oncologist at City of Hope in Los Angeles, talked to David Wylie about Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that affects thousands of people in the U.S. each year – most commonly in early adulthood.

All this and more on this week’s episode of California Life HD with Heather Dawson, check it out below!