Andrea Teaches Smart Holiday Shopping with the Chase Holiday Budget Plan


With the chaos from holiday festivities, it can be hard to keep track of your budget. People get so caught up in buying gifts for loved ones, they lose track of money and spend unwisely.

Andrea brings us the Chase Holiday Budget Plan, a mobile app designed to keep track of your money. You can spend, pay bills, and send money to family and friends through Zelle.

So what’s the first step to smart shopping? According to Andrea, it’s all about building a realistic budget before you start your spending.

“You need to think beyond just gifts,” says Andrea, “What are some of those smaller seasonal expenses you take on this time of year? It could be anything from greeting cards to groceries, preparing for out-of-town guests, or parties you are planning to host.”

Invest in things you already own, especially for these seasonal expenses, so that you don’t spend as much money and can hold on to your sanity.

The best way to keep track of your money and where it’s going is by writing it down, preferably on your phone. The Chase Mobile banking app allows you to check in with your spending all the time. Andrea shares: “I love that because it can help you realize, ‘Alright, I’m going a little overboard. I need to cut back.'”

Andrea and the Chase Holiday Budget plan share the top gift picks from the practical to the unique and everything in between, giving us a stress-free shopping experience with a realistic budget. Payment plans are a solution for big-ticket items you want to put under the tree or plan a group gift. 

“I love this option because you can give a more meaningful, bigger gift item without overspending.” 

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