Award Winning Actress Ai-Chan and more on CLHD ep 528


Airing this week on California Life with Heather Dawson we explore Mexico City with Travelerios for the top 10 Best Places to eat and drink.

Then Kaori takes takes us to the largest Japanese grocery chain in America, the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance.

Plus, she won an award for working with Kevin Hart and now she’s on the new Disney Plus film, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made. Award winning-actress Ai-Chan Carrier joins us in studio.

Then meet the cast of the new Jane Austen movie, Emma. Plus Landon Donavan’s new soccer team San Diego Loyal makes its debut.

We also check out the secret behind flawless red carpet skin with Image Spa MD. Then a survivor of a rare type of ovarian cancer, gymnast Shannon Miller tells us her story and how she puts a new “spin” on fundraising with Cycle for Survival.

All this and more airing on California Life with Heather Dawson.