Back to School Essentials


$688. This is how much the National Retail Federation expects the average American to spend on back-to-school shopping.


Lifestyle expert, Justine Santaniello suggests looking for items that allow your child to express their individuality.

  1. Alcatel PULSEMIX- The Alcatel PulseMix helps them boost the fun and function of their smartphone and personalize the device to make it uniquely theirs. They can mix and match different Alcatel SnapBak accessory covers, from light-up visual alerts, to high-energy sound, even extra power. You can pick one up exclusively at Cricket Wireless or on their website, starting at under $3.00.
  2. Greenlight Card– This time of year is the perfect time to teach kids about money management. Greenlight is a smart debit card for kids that parents can manage from their phones. There are flexible parental controls that you can use to choose specific stores where your child can spend. You can also automate their allowances, send funds and get real-time notifications on when and where your kids are spending.
  3. The TI-84 Plus CE– This model is thin, lightweight and durable to withstand the busy, on-the-go student lifestyle, and it’s approved for important college entry exams, like the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and most AP class exams. Students love that they come in fun, new and unique colors.
  4. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes– When you purchase cleaning solutions like these, be sure to upload your receipts at For every $5 spent, the Clorox company will donate $1 to a classroom in need through So when you shop for supplies you need, you’re also doing something good.
  5. Nice Snacks– Coming up with those healthy lunchbox choices can be tough, so Walgreens wants to make finding healthy snacks easy. They’ve rebranded their ‘Nice’ line with new products and ingredients standards to do just that. They now have more than 100 items to choose from, including organic and gluten-free options. Furtermore, to make it easier than ever, the new product packaging includes a health corner that lists out the nutritional information about the product.