Kyle Busch Takes The Checkered at the NASCAR Auto Club 400


Airing: Episode 485, Week of Saturday March 16

It was Kyle Busch’s 200th win across all three NASCAR series. When Kyle was asked “at what point during the race did you feel ‘I got this, I’m gonna win?” Kyle responds,

I don’t think you ever know when you’re gonna win, I guess. The relief sets in when you take the white flag because you know you’re coming back no matter what to end the race. So that’s kind of when the relief sets in. I would say once you take the white flag, that’s pretty much when you seal the deal.

After winning the first and second stages of the race, Kyle Busch suffered a pit road speeding penalty that sent him all the way back to 18th place . However, he was able to battle back and make his way to the front of the pack with just 26 laps to go.

We saw speeds way over 180 miles per hour. Canadian rock group Sum 41 performed a free pre-race concert at the track. Racing fans said they loved the Auto Club Speedway in Southern California. Some just grabbing a beer, grabbing a hot dog, a casual thing with friends and loved ones.

Bringing you the best of California from the Auto Club 400 in Fontana.