This Week it’s All About Speed on California Life


Airing: Episode 486, Week of Saturday March 23

Every week we bring you The Best of California, and this week it’s all about speed. We go to the 2019 Autoclub 400 in southern California where, Kyle Busch took the checkered flag, his 200th win across all 3 NASCAR series.

W head back to Morocco, where a group of women partake in a special race across the Sahara. Marco Gutierrez, gives us a behind the scenes look at what it takes to follow these women, to capture the photos and videos that will tell their story.

Plus we sit down with racing legend, Indy Car racer Jacques Lazier. We take a look back at the Adams Motorsports Park, Thursday Night Drift in its heyday. And, a world premiere fitting for the big top, Disney’s live action Dumbo.

That’s our week at speed, here at California Life HD, Bringing You The Best of California!