California Life | 496

Airing: Episode 496, Week of Saturday, June 8

In honor of Father’s Day coming up on June 16th, California Life is featuring some of our favorite segments!

This week California Life’s Audra Stafford takes us to Paso Robles, California, in the special Part 3 series. Find out about the town filled with delicious food and wine, a luxurious salon, the regions finest boutique hotel, shopping, live music, art, and more!

Bill Rancic asks you or anyone you know to submit the next big idea in cancer care. A revolutionary idea can win a C3 prize. Anyone can apply at until July 15th.

Next up, California Life’s Georgette Copes catches up with country music artist, Clay Walker, on his battle with multiple sclerosis and his mission to raise awareness. For more information check out

See how Tess Cohen, whose father was diagnosed with ALS when she was 18, uses her talent of cinematography to capture the relationship between a child and parent with ALS. To share your art and ALS family story visit

With Father’s Day coming up and recent graduates entering new stages of life, California Life has Mario Armstrong share some technology gift ideas! Visit

Lifestyle Expert, Lance Smith, says the clues to what Dads want for Father’s Day are right in front of you! Hear some of his awesome gift ideas that revolve around family bonding and can all be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Check out Jeremiah Hartwig’s interview with Bart Millard, band member of MercyMe, and songwriter for 2018 film “I Can Only Imagine” based on the MercyMe’s top-selling song.

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5th, Laura Dellutri is here to help you clean up your energy supply!

For a good laugh, watch one of California Life’s Heather Dawson’s favorite viral videos for Father’s Day.

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