Meet the Founder of Everloving Records and the Man who Discovered Jack Johnson


California Life’s Jennifer Quinonez profiles one man’s experience in the music industry and tells us it’s his passion for music, his instinct to take chances, and good ole’ fashioned hard work that’s made him stand out above the rest.

Find out about Andy Factor, the independent music label he created, Everloving Records, and the impressive artist he discovered:

Technology in the last decade has forever changed the music industry. Now, more than ever, people have access to music that before was mainly controlled by large record companies. For smaller independent record labels and their lesser-known artists, it has become a dream come true.

Andy Factor, founder and co-president of Everloving records, says he couldn’t have started the company without the Internet. The wide availability of music now is a challenge as much as it’s a benefit.

Before starting Everloving records, Factor was vice-president of A&R at Virgin Records where he was developing and managing artists such as Ben Harper, Smashing Pumpkins, and Lenny Kravitz.

One of his big discoveries was a singer/songwriter who was being passed over by big labels like Virgin records. That artist was Jack Johnson.  

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