California Life Episode 625


Airing this week on California Life: Lots of Traveling!

Our first stop: we explore the stunning city of San Miguel de Allende.

Then, we head to the Sunset Strip for Best of Style at Fred Segal with VOILÀ LES HÉROÏNES: a new line born out of a quiet hospital room where founder, Danielle Hoppenheim, went under a 13-hour brain tumor surgery.

In San Diego, see how a Ted Talk inspired high school teenager to launch a homeless program, Wheels of Change.

Suns out this summer! California Life goes into great detail to explore how dangerous sun exposure can be, especially to famous baseball player, Johnny Bench, who was diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer.

While cancer treatments keep developing, chemotherapy remains the standard treatment. As more promising options are in development, a new CAR-T Cell Therapy is a promising approach to fighting blood cancer.

Our final stop: Elise Thuresson gives us her Top Shops to check out via Instagram.

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