Coast to Coast Checks out CES 2024!


Coast to Coast heads over to Las Vegas and checks out some of the sweet technology being featured at CES 2024 this year! This show has everything from appliances to robots, eyewear, showers, and even an e-bidet! Tune in as Coast to Coast brings you up close and personal with all of the amazing technology at CES 2024.


Las Vegas, NV: Coast to Coast takes on Las Vegas and checks out some of the incredible technology on display at this year’s CES 2024 technology trade show!

The show had it all, from appliances to robots, eyewear, and even shower amenities. There was certainly an abundance of technology on display for viewers to check out and try for themselves!

LG showed off its new all-in-one combination washer and dryer, which features the ability to wash and dry clothes without having to transfer loads! With its 4.8 cubic foot capacity of space and energy-efficient functionalities, it makes doing laundry a breeze!

We then checked out Eureka’s new E10s vacuum robot, which can detect up to 10 meters of space and vacuum any room with ease. No more needing to worry about vacuuming the house, just plug in the Eureka E10s and let it go to work!

Looking to amplify your bathroom experience? Tune in as we take a look at Bemis’s new BB1200 e-Bidet seat! This innovative bidet seat is app-connected, so users can customize their bidet experience to their liking! From water pressure to seat temperature, you can customize your preferences and get the best experience with the BB1200 e-Bidet seat!

Other cool pieces of technology that we explored included the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses by Lenovo, as well as the Moxie Robot by Embodied Inc., and some of the great shower amenities by Kohler that turn your shower into a spa-like experience!

If you’re looking to view some of the best technology of 2024, tune in as Coast to Coast takes viewers through the best of CES 2024!

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