Coinstar Can Help Pay for your DIY Project


A new survey commissioned by Coinstar of US homeowners shows saving money and increasing home value are top motivators for starting a “do-it-yourself” project.

The survey found that millennials take on DIY projects with more confidence and budget discipline than previous generations. One in four millennials say they’re very skilled at home improvement projects. Millennials are also more likely than previous generations to create a budget for a home project, with seventy percent saying they do so looking back at past projects.

Nearly 90 percent of homeowners say they were pleased with the end result, with about half reporting their projects came out better than expected. While the majority of homeowners said they create a budget for do-it-yourself projects, the survey found that number dipped from 2018.

To help pay for DIY projects homeowners can turn their coins in for cash or exchange them for a no fee gift card at Coinstar kiosks.