Finding Positivity and Wellness Through Meditation in Times of Crisis

How Does Meditation Affect the Body?

In quarantine, we are all looking for positivity in these fast-changing times.

Instead of being overwhelmed by fear in our current climate, we can now use the quarantine to change our lives forever with a new wellness journey. Many people and influencers like LizzoShawn Mendes, and Lebron James are turning to meditation to strengthen their mindsets.

For those of us who are interested in meditation, but don’t know where to start, DeRose Meditation is offering a solution. 

A teacher is often sought out to maximize the benefits of meditation. Thanks to the experts at DeRose meditation, everyone has the opportunity to connect to a teacher for 25-minute meditation sessions.

The online sessions are conducted in real-time, and there are options for morning, midday, and evening classes for seven days a week. The link to these free sessions can be found here

For individuals who want to delve deeper into a mindfulness lifestyle, DeRose Meditation is also offering the opportunity to experience their proprietary Mindfulness Design program for free for a limited time.

This experience will consist of a 55-minute workshop on the following topics:

  • Stress management & wellness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Living an intentional life

To learn more about this program and the meditation classes, visit DeRose Meditation’s website for class information.