Former Navy Seals Teach Survival Skills


Former Navy Seals, Matt Maasdam and Rorke Denver, are equipping people with the necessary skills and training to survive real-life emergency situations.

What would you do if you were sitting at your desk and you hear people scream? Matt Maasdam and Rorke Denver want you to learn how to become your own first responders.

With school shootings on the rise, former Navy Seals Maasdam and Denver created Move2Safety, as a way to teach large groups how to react and think in unthinkable situations.

Their combined knowledge and training provides everyday citizens with the ability to respond well in uncommon situations that could otherwise cause them harm or even death.

What can you do to increase our chances for survival if you or your children are ever caught in school shooting?

“A lot of people freeze or hide. What we want you to do is keep moving.” Learn more in the segment below.

Watch the segment below to learn how Matt Maasdam, and Rorke Denver created Move2Safety.

Move2Safety Segment with Tiffany S. Carter

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