Gear Up for the Holiday Festivities at Disneyland with All New Merchandise


The Happiest Place on Earth is fully stocked with brand new Holiday merchandise to wear and accessorize!

Content Integration Manager Reece Martin gives us a look inside the new and improved World of Disney store. After a few cosmetic tweaks, the Disneyland merchandise mecca reopened on October 26th. The space is more open and lofty than before. It tells the story of the “Nine Old Men,” who are the talented animators who helped Walt Disney create stories such as Fantasia.

There is an extra special touch of magic throughout the store that is reminiscent of all of the classic Disney films. The store is as exciting as a Disney attraction thanks to all of the magical upgrades.

Some of our favorite pieces of merchandise are the adorable Christmas Sweaters that are busy with festive and colorful designs. The collection is perfect for all of the Holiday parties this season.

There are designs and styles for the entire family, along with coordinating head-wear and accessories.

Check out more Disney styles in the segment below! And, be sure to stay tuned for more of the Best of California with Heather Dawson this Holiday Season.