Get An Instant Chemical Peel With Vitality Institute


Marya Khalil-Otto is the CEO of Vitality Institute, the founder of the first safe and painless chemical peel with over 10 million peels performed to-date.

Since inception, they have grown to offer 5 medical grade VI Peel formulations customized for various skin conditions, and VI Derm Beauty, a full portfolio of clinical daily care products specifically formulated to reduce pigment and increase cell turnover.

In 2021, VI Peel launched ToxBooster – the first-ever same day treatment that combines the bestselling VI chemical peel, to correct pigment issues, with a Neurotoxin treatment (think, Botox) to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Using the two in tandem has proven to enhance and extend treatment results giving you a smooth, relaxed, flawless complexion.