Get glowing skin and reverse aging with new ZO skin care by Dr. Obagi


World renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi is well respected for developing effective chemical peels, and is always using cutting edge technology.

According to Dr. Obagi, the ultimate goal is to stabilize the skin & the 3-step stimulation peel leaves patients with a more vibrant looking complexion while improving overall skin health.

He has recently created a new type of peel that is less invasive but more effective. A big concern that patients may have is if chemical peels can cause scarring, and if they can remove scars.

Dr. Obagi says that everyones skin responds differently, but that scarring is not common. He also says certain scars will respond to chemical peels whereas others require laser.

For best results, Dr. Obagi recommends pre-conditioning skin with ZO Medical or ZO skin health products prior to the application of the peel to improve skin health as well as accelerate post peel healing.

To learn more about Dr. Obagi’s 3-step chemical peels, products and services click here or watch the clip below.