Make a toast to “going green” during California Wines: Down to Earth Month


Spring is in the air, and if that alone isn’t enough reason to get outside and celebrate, it also happens to be California Wines: Down to Earth Month.

Wineries around the state are celebrating sustainability. They’re doing it with hands-on workshops, exciting eco-tours, and special events offers for tasting delicious eco-friendly wines.

Monterey Wine Country is one of the many places in California where sustainability is at the forefront. This area is a distinct place for growing truly exceptional wines not only because of their sustainable practices, but also because of its unique location where they are situated in a very special weather pattern.

If you look at a thermal map of Monterey Wine Country’s AVA, it goes from North to South just like a rainbow, blue all the way down to red. This rainbow allows for a variety of grapes. In fact, Monterey Wine Country is home to some 85 growers. The region is known in particular for their outstanding Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Another eco-friendly area is Livermore Valley. It is celebrated as one of the oldest wine regions in California and is also one of the few wine regions accessible by rail transportation. BART carries guests into the area, where they can connect with a limousine service. And of course, this stunning valley is committed to the green lifestyle.

Livermore Valley wineries and farmers are committed to the latest sustainable growing practices such as the use of solar energy and building bird boxes in the vineyards to encourage natural predators.

El Dorado Wine Country also goes green. Located in the Sierra Foothills, the vineyards of El Dorado are at elevations ranging between 1,200 feet to 3,000 feet above sea level. One aspect that makes the wines so delicious is their water conservation.

The vines in El Dorado like to have just enough water to ripen the fruit rather than an excess. This makes for a unique and full flavor.

Monterey, Livermore Valley and El Dorado are all lush locations that are must sees in California Wine Country.

Even if you can’t make the trip, open a bottle of your favorite California wine, or try looking for one from one of these regions, and make a toast to our state’s commitment to green.

If are interested in joining in all the fun activities, check out California Wines: Down to Earth Month website here or watch the clip below.