Get ready for California’s winter with AccuWeather


While beautiful much of the year, California’s weather can be unpredictable during the winter months, especially with our record drought.

AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said this winter will likely be a “mixed bag” of weather, so it is vital we be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may send our way.

That’s where AccuWeather READY comes in. The site includes a list of “12 ways to prepare your home ahead of winter,” like making sure your chimney and/or furnace is clean, and that your heating system is working properly, and your rain gutters aren’t blocked.

“It’s all of these lifesaving tips that will make you, not only weather-aware, but will keep you ahead of the storm,” Rayno said.

To learn more about AccuWeather READY, check out our David Wylie’s story below, airing statewide this week on California Life!