Gluten-free yet nutrient-rich: Tips on how to eat well with celiac disease


Many people in today’s world choose to live gluten-free, but for the thousands diagnosed with celiac disease, going gluten-free is more than a trend – especially when their health depends on it.

To celebrate the month of May as Celiac Disease Awareness Month, California Life talked with Kia Bynum about how those living with the gluten intolerance can still meet their nutrient needs.

On average, every one in 133 Americans live with the dietary restriction. According to Bynum, “celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder and what that means, is that people who have it when they eat gluten the body triggers an immune reaction and this causes damage to the intestines.”

With such severe consequences, the rule is clear: no gluten! But when you’re missing out on such a common protein, it’s important to eat a nutrient rich diet and supplement those dietary needs.

For tips on how to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs while still remaining gluten-free, watch the full segment below or visit