Ranches across North America’s most iconic and scenic landscapes, steeped in legacy and heritage, are now part of an elite, ranching network Best Dude Ranches or BDR. These exceptional family-owned and operated ranches offer variety of sport dependent on location from Arizona to British Columbia and differ from other ranches in reputation and brand.

The eight dude and luxury guest ranches have a combined total of 450 years of ranching expertise. This provides for abundance of activity and opportunities for Western culture and adventure. Trends are indicating experiential and nature-based travel packages are important to guests, and dude ranches have long-provided this attainable practice.

Daily activities at the ranches might include horseback riding, wrangling, rodeo, fly- fishing, spa, hiking, cooking classes, horticulture, trap shooting, archery, boating and even snowshoeing, sleigh rides, overnight trips, sunrise campfires and over 100 more options. All food and most activities are included at every ranch, taking the stress out of vacation planning. The select group also can all accommodate larger needs such as weddings, reunions, corporate and event buyouts and much more.

The host of is Colleen Hodson, the past Executive Director of the National Dude Ranchers Association. She has visited all the ranches numerous times and has conducted accreditations for the entirety of the group. This gives her unique ability to help guests choose the ideal ranch.

“I’ve visited over 100 ranches throughout my tenure; I am extremely proud and excited to represent what I believe is the ‘Best of the West’ throughout North America. Activity, hospitality, safety, landscape, food and beverage, accommodations—I have an exceptional love and passion for all aspects of the working and luxury ranch.”

Flathead Lake Lodge

White Stallion Ranch

Triangle X Ranch

The Hideout Guest Ranch                

Rainbow Trout Ranch

Paradise Ranch

Lost Valley Ranch

Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch