‘Hollywood StarGirl’ Pays Tribute to Music and Filmmaking


Let’s go to the movies! What’s hitting the theaters this summer?

Disney is celebrating the end of the school year and the splash of summer with a new musical adventure, set during summer break, called ‘Hollywood StarGirl.(Psst! It’s a sequel to the 2020 film ‘Stargirl‘!)

Stargirl wants to put down roots but getting her free-spirited mom to stay planted is often difficult.

When her mom promises that Stargirl can finish her senior year in California, it’s a deal, and Los Angeles is the city where lots of deals are done.

The young singer takes a chance at an open mic night.

Luckily, her new neighbors are looking to make a deal of their own. They want to make a movie and they want her to be in it.

Watch on Disney+ here

It’s a heartwarming and fun movie where Grace VanderWaal reprises her role as Stargirl from the 2020 film. Judy Greer stars as her free-spirited mother, and Tyrel Jackson Williams and Elijah Richardson are the hopeful filmmakers.

We even get an Uma Thurman appearance, who plays a washed-out singer idolized by StarGirl.

This is a sweet, family film with nice lines about friendship and making your own kind of music.

You can stream ‘Hollywood Stargirl‘ today on Disney+.