Winnie Chan Wang’s new book combines Shadow Work and finding your inner power


California Life had the chance to talk to author Winnie Chan Wang about her book, “Honoring Darkness: Embrace Shadow Work to Nourish and Grow Your Power.”

Today, we gather to celebrate her book launch.

One day, Winnie woke up and said, ‘What am I going to do if I only have three months left to live?’

What is the legacy Winnie wanted to leave behind? How could she combine the four science degrees, including two from MIT, and all that she has learned about acupuncture and energy healing into a book that can spread all over the world?

That is where her book comes in.

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When we do Shadow Work, as outlined in the book, it actually empowers us because we take responsibility of our anger, fear, unworthiness, shame, and grief.

By doing the exercises in the book, we become very powerful.

It’s actually a complete guide to self-mastery.

J.W. Choi is also a doctoral candidate in psychology. From experiencing imposter syndrome in every step of her growth, even in writing this book, she found herself doubting: ‘What qualifies me as an author? Why would anyone want to read what I have to say?

She turned this around, and began to answer those doubts: ‘Because I am awesome and magical, that’s why!’

Both sides are illusions. However, both extremes have some truth. There is some truth to not being qualified, but there is truth that nobody’s ever qualified in the first time trying something new.

There’s also some truth in that she is magical and awesome, but everyone is magical and awesome in their own way.

Winnie and J.W. Choi hope that when guests leave their book launch, they leave with some acceptance and love for themselves, with also some clarity and compassion to understand their loved ones.