How To Be An Entrepreneur: 5 Steps by Curtis L. Jenkins


Project Manager Curtis L. Jenkins has been helping large and small business leaders grow their companies for over twenty years. After developing his Realization Framework Experience, Jenkins has provided entrepreneurs a culture for success, business growth, and strategy.

Forewarning: many entrepreneurs believe that in order to grow a successful business, you have to work harder and harder. Certainly hard work is involved, but there is one thing Curtis says they may be overlooking: teamwork, money management, and planning.

In his new book, Vision to Reality: Stop Working, Start Living Curtis breaks down a five-point outline to reaching success.

1. Vision.

What is your overall vision for this company? Is it compelling enough that others would want to follow? Can you articulate it?

2. Evaluate

Evaluate comes to the talent. Now that you have this vision, do you have all the right pieces in place?

3. Calculate.

You need to understand the cash flow.

4. Develop a Plan.

This is the crux of project managing: you need to take the vision, the people involved, and the dollars and put it together into a plan which you can manage on a regular basis.

5. Realize: Metrics and Accountability.

This two-part component involves needing Metrics to realize how well you are doing against the plan. Of course, holding yourself accountable is always essential when starting your own project.

With all these concepts in place, Curtis says there is one thing all entrepreneurs must know to be successful:

“Learn financial management. The lifeblood of your company is finance. This is the number one thing I will tell people.”

Curtis L. Jenkins, author of Vision of Reality: Stop Working, Start Living

To learn more about Curtis Jenkins’s Realization Framework Experience, be sure to get his book Vision to Reality: Stop Working, Start Living. Available to order here.