How to Protect Your Dogs From this Year’s Dog Flu Outbreak


Humans get their yearly flu shots this time of year. But did you ever wonder if your dog needs one, too? It turns out that pooches can get the flu, just like you.

In fact, veterinary public health officials have been warning of a recent dog flu outbreak in the Los Angeles County.

Unlike the human flu, canine influenza doesn’t have a specific season. It happens any time of year, whenever dogs are together for extended periods of time.

Think boarding kennels, grooming salons, dog parks, doggie day care, things like that seem to carry a higher risk of exposure in the last few years.

Canine flu is very contagious and is passed through the air by the cough of an infected dog. The illness can also lead to complications like pneumonia.

To learn more about the symptoms you should be on the lookout for and how to prevent the disease before it gets to your dog, watch the full segment below or see it air nationwide on California Life with Heather Dawson. You can also learn more on or