How you can support the classroom with Sonic’s Limeades for Learning


Every year, parents are asked to bring more and more items for their children’s classrooms and it feels like the requests never stop. But, did you know teachers are spending more of their own money, too?

In fact, last year alone, teachers spent an estimated one billion dollars on school supplies! But, thanks to a former teacher’s crowdfunding platform and a national initiative, help is on the way for many classrooms.

Since, 2009 the Limeades for Learning Initiative has provided more than eight million dollars to inspire creativity and learning in today’s youth.

According to their website, in 2016, SONIC pledged to put $15 million into public school classrooms by 2021 through Limeades for Learning. In partnership with, the national award-winning cause marketing campaign has funded more than 14,000 classroom projects.

These projects provide necessary learning materials and teaching resources requested by teachers that support more than 419,000 students.

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