Lisa Rinna on cover of WWD Beauty Inc, sharing the story of launching Rinna Beauty


Lisa Rinna, founder of her new cosmetic line Rinna Beauty, is on today’s cover of WWD Beauty Inc.

In the story, she talks about starting her company during the pandemic, the anxieties/ unknowns if the brand would succeed, and the joys when it did — her first product, the ICON lip kit, was sold out within days and the pre-sale crashed the company’s website,

Some excerpts:

“I think it’s pretty remarkable that, at 57 years old, I have launched a beauty brand.”

“What makes me the most excited is that people love the way this product feels. They love the quality of it, and that was so important for me….Sometimes with celebrities, people think that it’s not going to be as good as mine turned out to be, and people were really surprised by how luxurious it is.”

“I probably had five or six deals that fell through … So, I learned a lot about tenacity, and just hanging in there. I mean, most people would have given up and said, ‘OK, well, it’s not meant to be’… The fact that I found a partner to do it with…that my partners were as enthusiastic as I was, and they didn’t skimp, even in the midst of COVID-19 and the timing and whatnot, it’s kind of a miracle that we got to do what we did and how we did it … I’m like, wow, it’s kind of a dang miracle that it happened.”

Lisa revealed to WWD that eyes will be the next part of Rinna Beauty … more to come!