Men urged to pay attention to their health as well as their brackets


With March Madness upon us, doctors are urging men to pay as close attention to their health as they do to their brackets.

ESPN announcer and physician Dr. Jerry Punch says many men think seeking help about what ails them is a sign of weakness.

“But in reality, the weakness is not seeking help,” Punch said.

Intimacy issues can be especially tough to talk about. One condition Dr. Punch said needs to be discussed is Peyronie’s Disease.

“Peyronies disease or PD is a curvature that can be painful during arousal or intimacy. So a man knows that they have the problem, they can visually see it during arousal,” Dr. Punch said. “And then, aside from the physical pain and the ability to perform, is the emotional stress, the self-esteem problems.”

Dr. Punch said one-in-10 men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. Fortunately, there are non-invasive treatments available.

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