Photo Credit: Momentous

Momentous Releases Performance Collagen Product Scientifically Proven to Reduce Pain, Support Joint Health, and Increase Cartilage Mass


Momentous, a premium sports nutrition company, is proud to announce the release of a new addition to its product line: Collagen Peptides. Recognizing the problems that joint health presents to athletes, Momentous engineered a unique formula that combines PEPTIPLUS® and FORTIGEL® collagen with vitamin C to accelerate injury recovery, improve connective tissue health and durability, and reduce joint pain.

“No matter how durable an athlete is, he or she starts losing collagen mass eventually, which can impact the resilience of joints and duration of careers,” said Momentous CEO and founder Matt Wan. “We wanted to create a collagen peptide formula sourced from the highest-quality ingredients, and enhanced with the ability to target joins and ligaments. With Momentous Collagen Peptides, athletes of every age can safeguard their joints, recover faster from injury, and function better on the field and in everyday life.”

Collagen is a protein fiber that transmits force, absorbs energy, and is found in connective tissues such as cartilage (70 percent of which is collagen), tendons, bones, skin, and ligaments. As we age, both collagen mass and synthesis decrease. This is bad enough for the 25 percent of American adults who struggle with joint problems, but for athletes, it can predispose them to new injuries, extend rehabilitation of existing ones, and contribute to chronic pain. A decline in joint health can limit performance, compromise vitality, and eventually force an athlete to retire.

Momentous Collagen Peptides meets these challenges head-on, providing a rich source of PEPTIPLUS® collagen sourced from the finest US grass-fed bovine and FORTIGEL® collagen hydrolysate derived from pasture-raised German bovine. FORTIGEL® is scientifically proven to improve the rate of collagen synthesis, reduce joint pain during activity and rest, and increase collagen mass. Momentous added vitamin C to its unique formula because studies show it improves collagen availability. As with Performance CreatineMomentous Sleep, and the company’s line of grass-fed whey and plant-based proteins, Collagen Peptides was developed with a team of Performance Engineers, tested by elite athletes, coaches, and nutritionists, and evaluated by the rigorous NSF Certified for Sport® and Informed Sport programs.

“Momentous Collagen Peptides is helping me bounce back from my second ACL surgery,” said pro skier and Momentous ambassador Johnny Collinson. “It reduced the pain in my knee and I can tell a difference in how my wrists, elbows, and shoulders feel during and after the upper-body training sessions I’ve been doing to prepare for getting back on the mountain.”