Mother Knows Best: Finn & Emma Organic Baby Clothing Review


When it comes to baby clothes, I digress. Until recently, this mother did not know best. I unashamedly admit that during the first six months of my son’s life, his wardrobe was a mash up of some fancy outfits he received as presents that I supplemented with some ill-fitting onesies and footed pajamas that I ordered at cheap prices from Amazon.

As a new mom, I have suffered with my fair share of sleep deprivation, post-partum depression and anxiety, a very colicky baby, breast feeding challenges, etc…you know, all the perks of the job. So, for the first six months, dragging my son out to go shopping for baby clothes hasn’t been entirely realistic or enticing, whereas the convenience of and competitive prices available with online shopping make it a no-brainer for this baggy-eyed, bargain shopper mom.

My Son

As a result, everything from his rectal thermometer to crib that I have purchased for my son has been from online. I do tons of research, read all the blogs, shop around for a good price and usually end up pretty satisfied. In my personal experience, however, the same cannot be said for shopping online for baby clothes or clothes in general for that matter. Have you ever tried buying a dress off Amazon? Same situation, and it’s not a pretty one. You can never judge the quality of the material, the sizing is always off, it always looks different than what you expected and you end up standing in front of the mirror crying the ugly cry.

Now if you’re thinking “oh, stop complaining and just go shop for baby clothes!” First of all, I’m a mom, a new one at that, it is my prerogative to complain. It’s parenting 101. Secondly, I have gone. Several times. When I first got pregnant, I went to Baby’s R Us to set up my registry and sat in the middle of the store crying because I was so overwhelmed by the baby registry checklist. The only thing that got me off the floor was a kind, very pregnant mom who mercifully pointed me in the direction of what kind of baby stuff I would actually need. Thirdly, I have also gone since my son was born. I wrangled him long enough to withstand multiple trips to buy buy baby, Target, Walmart and Carters and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t impressed. How did I suddenly become so picky, you ask?

The short answer is that by the time I finally shimmied my way out of the new mom fog and back into the real world with my son where people could actually see us, the unbecoming onesies and footed pajamas I purchased online didn’t cut it. He’s too darn cute not to look cute at all times, so I needed to up my game.

The long answer is, I’m a savvy shopper. I love fashion, but if I am going to spend money on an item, it needs to meet certain criteria. First and foremost, I always want to get a bang for my buck, but the clothing also needs to be adorable, made well and with quality materials, able to withstand beet stains and marathon runs through the washing machine, and of course, reliable sizes.  Enter Finn & Emma Organic Baby Clothes. Like the mom who graciously guided me in Baby’s R Us and filled me in on the “in the know” intel, allow me to take your hand, direct you to baby clothes nirvana and pay it forward.

Finn & Emma Organic Baby Clothing sounds chic, and it is, but it’s also more of the every-day, rumble-tumble, projectile spit-up type wear. And Finn & Emma wears all of that well. The whimsical yet sophisticated designs alone make me want to break my budget for baby clothes each month. One quick sweep of their website, and you’ll be just as tempted. The modern colors, the fresh patterns, and the vast variety of wardrobe options is all too tantalizing not to want to purchase the whole line in every shade, shape and size. They pander toward boy, girl and neutral styles, and offer everything from the expected onesies, rompers, shorts, pants but with an unexpected flair as well as rockers, swing bassinets, toys, play gyms, bandanas, bibs, hats and headbands.

The best part however, is that all of their products are sustainable and chemical free. They use only the finest organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and all natural wood. Additionally, all of their garments and accessories are produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, women especially, working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment.” So, when your baby is chewing on his sleeve, you can be completely guilt-free and pat yourself on the back for being not only a good mom, but a progressive one at that.

And as far as the wear and tear, Finn & Emma stands up to the most aggressive explosive poops and kiddie birthday parties. Trust me, my son likes to push his boundaries, even when it comes to the durability of his clothing. His Finn & Emma clothes have withstood a variety of unmentionable turmoil, and take a tumble through the washer and dryer like a champ. The colors do not fade, the threading does not thin and tear after long term use, they do not shrink and you do not get surprised by little holes or rips. The clothes take the less than desirable task of being worn by an infant on a mission to destroy in perfect stride.

And then there is the sizing dilemma. My son is growing like a stink weed and I never know what size to get since a lot of commercial brands vary so drastically. I despise the task of having to pack, drop off and return anything, but it has proven to more often than not be the case for the clothes I’ve ordered for him in the past. (See my “whining” in the earlier paragraphs). Fortunately, Finn & Emma pass the test. Anything I’ve ordered has fit him like a glove. There is no guessing game, you simply get what you pay for. For example, if your child is in the median percentile for height and weight, order the size for her age. If your child is larger, order one size up and so on and so forth. It will fit. I promise.

And finally, the price. Now for me, the price is usually the most important item that needs to be checked off on the docket to satisfy my cheap skate ways. That being said, looking at just the price, $32 might seem like a lot for a receiving blanket, however, when I look at the whole picture and average the quality of the clothes, the carefully curated materials and reliability of size, function and endurance, Finn & Emma are a steal! Also, they always have excellent sales and ship for free to the contiguous 50 states for orders over $50.

Fashionable, check. Quality, check. Durable, check. Sizing, check. Affordable, check.

You’re welcome. Now go pay it forward to another mom fumbling through this strange world we call motherhood.


Contributed by: Concetta DeLuco