New online tools for better diabetes management


Diabetes is a serious disease that affects nearly one in ten Americans, and research shows many who have diabetes are not taking care of themselves the way they should.

“Living with diabetes is tough,” Dr. Steve Edelman told California Life. In addition to taking oral and injectable medications at least once or twice a day, Edelman said a typical day involves “pricking your finger, checking your blood sugar several times a day, recording it, watching what you eat, how much you eat and trying to get daily exercise and worrying about the duration and intensity, and don’t forget, you’ve gotta go see your doctor on a regular basis. You’ve gotta see your eye doctor, your foot doctor.”

It is no wonder then, that many diabetes sufferers aren’t managing the disease the way they should. The Behavioral Diabetes Institute has developed a number of online tools to help patients overcome the emotional and behavioral barriers of diabetes management.

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