New tool to get your skin glowing again


Staying out of the sun isn’t easy in California, especially with this unusually warm February weather we’re having.

Your first, and best, line of defense, according to UC San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Arisa Ortiz, is sunscreen.

“That’s the most important to prevent aging and skin cancer,” Dr. Ortiz said.

But to reduce the effects of sun damage and aging, Dr. Ortiz recommends the HALO laser.

“The HALO laser is actually the first laser to combine two wavelengths at the same time in order to target both the top layer of skin—the epidermis—and the bottom layer of the skin—the dermis,” said Dr. Ortiz. “So it’s able to address multiple skin aging issues like sun spots, fine lines, pore size, all at the same time.”

The HALO laser can also be used to treat scarring.

Treatments average about $1300 per session, and the number or treatments varies according to the patient’s needs.

“If you’re treating something like sun spots or fine lines, then it usually on average takes about two treatments,” Dr. Ortiz said. “But if you’re treating acne scarring, then usually it requires a few more treatments.”

To learn more about the HALO laser and how it has changed one patient’s life, check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life!