Expert tips to reduce your tax time stress


Tax season can be a huge burden on small businesses and taxpayers, in general. So California Life went to the experts at H & R Block to get some tips to help reduce your tax time stress.

Block Advisors Director Meg Sutton told us there are three key things to keep in mind this year when filing your taxes.

“The first is there is new health care documentation arriving in homes. Make sure you hold onto that ’cause you’ll need that when you file your taxes,” Sutton said. “The second is that tax fraud is a growing problem and so taxpayers need to understand how to best protect themselves. An example of this is knowing that the IRS will never contact you by email or phone calls. And then finally, one of the biggest changes is that there’s a new partner in tax preparation. Block Advisors are here to serve individuals and small business owners year- round,” Sutton said.

For more great tax tips from H & R Block, and the services they offer for small business owners and individuals, be sure to check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life!