Nursery Gift Ideas


On our Mother’s Day episode of California Life, Liza Utter shares some great nursery gift ideas for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Utter said it is important that baby showers focus on the mom, and that they are short.

“A lot of times people plan these long showers or parties but they don’t realize or they forget is that mom is uncomfortable.”

Liza Utter

As it is important for the baby shower to focus on the mom-to-be, Utter added that the menu should be built around her. Some foods might turn her off, so it is important to focus on what she likes.

The best gifts to give are ones that will make her life as a new mom easier. The “Fresh Mommy Meal Delivery” program from Freshology is a great example. Utter said that Freshology has different, personalized programs and that celebrities love it. She added it is important that new moms get the nutrients they need for a healthy baby.

These meals are delivered once a day to houses in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and twice a week elsewhere.

Another great gift is the “Baby Bullet.” Utter said this blender allows parents to have more control over their baby’s food. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon use the “Baby Bullet” to prepare fruits and vegetables for their twins. This blender comes with two trays for freezing blended items and six storage cups with date dial lids.

BuggyLove’s organic cleaning products are a great gift for both parents. Utter highlights the multipurpose cleaner, which you can literally use for anything.

But don’t forget about dad! A nice way to think about the new daddies-to-be is to get them scrubs for the delivery room. Of course, dad’s want to be part of the big day too.