Nursing Home Program Keeping Loved Ones Together Throughout Winter Isolation


As winter storms envelope the country and we remain in the middle of the pandemic, it can be easy to feel isolated and seasonally depressed. This rings especially true for nursing home residents who are at higher risks and remain distanced from loved ones and unmotivated.

As a result, nursing homes have begun to lean into programs like RESTORE Skills, a virtual physical therapy platform that nursing homes are using to keep families together while physically apart: meet RESTORE-Together.

RESTORE-Together is a new and enhanced motivational therapy platform with a multiplayer function that now allows patients the ability to play skill-building games together instantly with family, loved ones, and residents at other nursing homes without the need for in-person visitation.

About RESTORE-Together:

  • Players can participate in live, nationwide gaming tournaments.
  • No special hardware needed. RESTORE-Together offers all the benefits of RESTORE Skills, now with the additional benefit of collaboration. Thanks to the RESTORE Skills platform, facilities nationwide can do the following from their laptops:
    • Turn every patient room into a therapy gym with just a laptop, internet connection, and a webcam
    • Seamlessly connect patients to loved ones and other therapy patients
    • Keep seniors busy, active and engaged
  • Residents can access multiplayer games all from the safety of their rooms, turning any patient room into a therapy gym.
  • RESTORE-Together creates safe social gaming opportunities during the Coronavirus pandemic, while also enabling patients to make therapy strides during the process. This is a big component of fighting isolation in nursing homes – especially as we head into the colder months of the year and a potential second wave, which may make in-person visitations an obstacle for patients and loved ones.