Old McDonald Had a Farm and So Can Your Child with The Farm


October 2nd is World Farm Animal Day and what better way to celebrate then with the Field Replica Farm Field Toy!


October 2nd is World Farm Animal Day and what better way to celebrate then with the Field Replica Farm Field Toy.

Children have amazing imaginations, especially when they are playing, always giving whatever story they are telling or scene they are creating their own unique touch. Real-world “small” play can be priceless for kids. With October 2 being World Farm Animal Day, bring out the imagination of your animal-loving child with The Field, a replica farm field toy.

With realistic model toy fields and paddocks, complete with lush green grass, hedging and traditional wooden farm gates, The Field toy is designed for kids ages 3 and older. Kids can create a fabulous farm setting, providing a gateway for them to learn about farm animals and the importance of farming in general.

This unique toy helps provide the setting for real world “small” play for kids who love farm animals and the country life. They can play with their miniature reproductions and imagine a whole world beyond their bedroom walls.

The Field toy can be used indoors or outdoors for hours of turning imaginations into reality. With National Kids Creative Week at the end of September, The Field toy sets the stage for some serious fun and imaginative play. Experts agree that imaginative, real world play has enormous benefits for children:

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that it “provides a singular opportunity to build the executive functioning that underlies adaptive behaviors at home; improve language and math skills in school; build the safe, stable, and nurturing relationships that buffer against toxic stress; and build social–emotional resilience.” And that “it is intrinsically motivated and leads to active engagement and joyful discovery.”

Children like The Field toy because it provides hours of creative play. Instead of having their little “small” world created for them with pink playhouses or unrealistic settings, The Field toy allows them to use their own imaginations to put together a play space reflecting the real world and builds real skills.

Parents like it because the low tech, no batteries needed style is an encouraging way for kids to get away from screens and create something tangible. This kind of play will help children to develop concentration and imagination, because they can touch, feel and engage with The Field toy, time and time again.