OUTSIDE Executive Editor Michael Roberts Conducts Exclusive Interview with: TIM COOK, APPLE CEO


Topics Include Designing the Future of Health and Wellness, How the High-Profile CEO Manages Stress, and the Importance of Disconnecting

In the pantheon of tech titans, he’s the one telling devotees to unplug – at least for a few minutes. In the cover story of OUTSIDE’s Winter 2021 issue, Apple CEO Tim Cook talks with Executive Editor and Outside Podcast host Michael Roberts about his vision for high-tech health, bringing nature to Silicon Valley, and how he manages the stress of running the most valuable company in the world.

The new issue of OUTSIDE hits newsstands February 16, with an exclusive early release on Apple News+ on February 10. The Tim Cook story will also be available on Outside Online beginning February 10. A podcast version of the conversation is at Outsideonline.com/apple.

Select quotes include:

On helping users balance the real and digital worlds: “My simple rule is, if you’re looking at your device more than you’re looking in somebody’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing. I recognize that there are many people who are doing that. And some number of those are unhappy that they’re doing it, and some number are not. And where we’ve placed our energy thus far is on making people aware, not playing the heavy hand to tell them what’s good for them.”

On Apple’s plans for the future of wellness: “Never discount the amount of innovation that can be in the future. We’ve got things going on in our labs that are mind-blowing. To use a baseball analogy, we are in the early innings. I really believe that if you zoom out to the future and then look back and ask, ‘What has Apple’s greatest contribution been?’ it will be in the health and wellness area.”

On his daily exercise regimen: “We all know intuitively, and now with research, that physical activity is a key part of longevity and quality of life. I’m off-grid for that period. And I am religious about doing that regardless of what’s going on at the time.”

On the responsibilities of tech companies: “As a platform owner, we have a responsibility for how a product is used, and not just to throw something out there and see what the implications of it are. But everybody doesn’t have that frame of mind, unfortunately.”

On nature and stress management: “When I’m in nature, I feel so small in the scheme of things that the issues of the day become fractions.”

On Apple’s impact on health: “I started getting notes from people saying, ‘I found out I have a major problem with my heart. And wouldn’t have known to go to the doctor had it not been for the watch.’  At first these were trickling in. And then it was like a faucet.  You realize there’s something here.”

The February issue of OUTSIDE becomes available to readers February 16.


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