Petaluma woman shares how she went from receptionist to boss


A young Petaluma woman is taking the business world by storm with her inspiring strategies for finding success.

Nicole Smartt is a passionate business visionary and strategic leader who, in a few short years, has gone from being a receptionist at Star Staffing to being co-owner of the company.  Now, she’s sharing her secrets for success in her new book From Receptionist to Boss: Real Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work.

Nicole told California Life it’s important for those entering the workforce to discover their strengths, find something they are passionate about and keep a positive attitude.

“Having the perfect attitude is so much easier than finding the perfect job,” Smartt said. “And it’s really important to find a job where you can utilize your strengths, because you’re more happy in those positions. You’re happy when you’re doing things your’re good at. But I also think its getting excited about what you do and finding the things that you love to do.”

To learn more about Nicole and her philosophy for success, check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life.